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January 10, 2010

Passive sampling… gross or worse

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Many of you have probably seen passive demo stands out at a grocery store and you’ve probably sampled whatever goodie they were displaying.  Unless I’ve seen, with my own two eyes, the store employee set the sample out, there is NO WAY I’m going to try anything from that bowl/plate/dish!  Trust me, I’ve been that person who sets those out and it’s not a pretty site…I’d rather swish a blood-soaked hand into a shark tank at feeding time than see how customers treat a passive demo.

I’ve witnessed a 50+ year old woman see an empty cheese puff bowl,  exclaim “Oh, it’s empty!” , then lick her fingers and swipe them across the bottom of the bowl…all as I stood there with a new bag in my hands… opened… just mere seconds from pouring it in.

I’ve picked up popcorn crumbs from the floor and put them in a used souffle cup, set them on a demo table that was covered with empty salmon dip plates, used knives, wadded up napkins, flattened cracker boxes, etc.  (clearly nothing said “Hey, eat me!”)…turn to refill the popcorn sample bowl… turn back to the table and find the souffle cup missing.  I’d have loved to seen the person who decided to snack on that tasty off-the-floor morsel!

I’ve seen customers bend, stretch, grunt, complain, etc…. all to reach a sample that’s been put out of sight (or so I thought) while I ran to help another customer find a product they were looking for.

I’ve put out a display of individual juice bottles, and by the time I came back with sample cups and napkins, two of the juice bottles were opened and drank (drunk?) out of.  Seriously?  You can’t wait 3 minutes?

Or the customers who think your demo table is a buffet and try to stab a dozen mini meatballs onto one 3″ toothpick.  Yes, you DO look like a buffoon when you do that.. and yes, we do mock you as you walk away and begin blogs such as this to tell everyone what an idiot you are.

Share your stories of what you’ve seen “in the aisles”!


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